Apartment For Sale In North Cyprus

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Northern Cyprus is one of the most suitable addresses for investment due to both the values ​​of the houses and the quality of the accommodation. North Cyprus house for sale You can see that the value of your home increases in a short time after you buy it..

Chosen as the third safest country among the world’s countries, Cyprus has become the center of tourists and foreign stays. With its natural beauties, multicultural structure and wide culture, it is possible to come across people from all nationalities in Cyprus.

House Prices for Sale In North Cyprus

If you want to choose Northern Cyprus for investment, one of the biggest advantages that will meet you is the prices of the houses. North Cyprus house for sale Prices generally start from 40,000 Euros.

If you want to buy a house in a beautiful location, the amount you will pay will be 70.000 Euros on average. If you want to own a house in both a luxurious and beautiful place, the amount you will pay will be approximately 100,000 Euros.

North Cyprus Houses for Sale Advertisements

With both the policy it implements and the incentives offered to foreign investors, it has become quite logical to buy a house for investment in Northern Cyprus. If you want to find the most suitable house for you and buy it North Cyprus house for sale You should have a look at their postings.

However, when looking at these house ads, you should prefer that the person you will make the purchase is reliable. Our company makes you a home owner both from the soil and from the completed projects with many new projects.

We ensure that you make the right investment with our company, which offers reliable service as well as various house models.

Advantages of Being a Home Owner in Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus house for sale The advantages of investing are as follows;

  • While purchasing the house, the value of the house may be very high due to the exchange rate difference. However, you should not forget that you will receive a minimum monthly rent of 200 Euros for a house worth 40,000 Euros. In Cyprus, house rent is more expensive than buying a house.
  • You cannot make your rental in Cyprus only in Turkish Lira or Euro. Sterling is also a very popular currency as there are many Britons in the country.
  • You complete the price of the house you bought with the rents received in about 10 years. In other words, it will be much shorter for you to regain the value of your home compared to the time it takes in Turkey.
  • Northern Cyprus implements many incentive programs to attract the attention of investors. You can benefit from various discounts and applications after the incentive certificate you will receive easily.

·       Cyprus is one of the most visited countries in the field of tourism and education. Therefore, your rental process will always be fast and easy.


Prefer a House for Sale in Northern Cyprus for Investment

North Cyprus house for sale Buying is one of the best ways to invest. The value of the houses in Cyprus, especially in the provinces that are important for Cyprus, is constantly increasing.

Besides, Euro and Sterling are very valuable in today’s economy. Thanks to this currency, which usually increases, you can earn more income even if your tenant’s rent remains the same.

North Cyprus House Rental Prices

After purchasing a house in Northern Cyprus, the average amount of money you will receive for renting is determined as follows; Rents in pounds will average more than £500 for a house in a beautiful location. Even for a standard house it costs around £300.

For payments made in Euros, the determined amounts are approximately 400 Euros. However, if you have a house in a beautiful location, this amount can be more than 6000 Euros.

In the rental transactions made in Turkish Lira, at least 1500 TL rent is requested from the persons.

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