Northern Cyprus Real Estate

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Northern Cyprus real estate It is one of the countries that attract the attention of investors in terms of its market and country characteristics. The fact that the country offers convenience to investors and is active as a real estate market helps investors to make a profit in a short time.

The biggest advantage of buying a house in Cyprus is that the value of the house is low compared to the rent received. A person who buys a house in Turkey has to wait about 20 years for the house to pay for itself. However, this period is less than 10 years for the TRNC.

How to Buy from North Cyprus?

People who want to buy a house in Northern Cyprus should first meet with an expert on this subject. Because buying a house from another country may not be as easy as it seems. Professionalism should be prioritized in order to avoid negative consequences in the future.

After meeting with an expert, a reliable platform should be selected. Directly like our company, the platform of your choice Northern Cyprus real estate It is important to be associated with You can get the right house at the most affordable prices with our house types that are sold as soil or as a completed project.

How are the House Prices in North Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus real estate The house prices in the general framework are as follows;

  • If the house you want to buy is in an average location with average conditions, you will have to pay approximately 40,000 – 50,000 Euros.
  • If it is only the conditions of your home or only the location, the amount you will pay will be between 60,000 and 70,000.
  • If your house is in a good location and has good conditions, the amount you will pay will be between 80,000 – 100,000 Euros.
  • If your house is extra luxury, the amount you will pay will be more than 150,000 Euros.

These evaluations are general evaluations for apartments. Prices for villas can vary from 80,000 Euros to 1,500,000 Euros.

In the prices stated, you should usually consider which city you choose. These prices are the prices determined for cities that are famous in the country such as Girne, GaziMuğasa, Nicosia.


Is Buying a House in Northern Cyprus an Appropriate Investment?

Northern Cyprus real estate If you want to buy a house by being included in the market, this investment will give you big profits in a short time. When we compare with Turkey, the amount you will pay will be lower if you buy a house in Cyprus.

In addition, the architectures in Cyprus were mostly influenced by the British and American architectures. In other words, this situation will cause tourists coming to the country to prefer these architectures and houses more.

Extremely safe to live in, Cyprus has been chosen as the 3rd safest country in the world with its crime rates. In other words, Cyprus has a very logical structure for both investing and living.

Northern Cyprus Rental Prices

Northern Cyprus rental prices are quite high in contrast to house prices. You can rent your house that you bought in euros in pounds, euros or Turkish lira. Depending on your preferred currency, you can rent a standard house for £300 – £500.

If you want to rent in Euros, this fee will vary between approximately 400 – 600 Euros per month.

In Turkish Lira, rental transactions start from at least 1500 – 2000 TL.


Is Northern Cyprus Real Estate Affected by Exchange Rate Difference?

Northern Cyprus real estate market is basically based on two currencies; Sterling and Euro. Selling or renting a house is generally not done in Turkish Lira. For this reason, the value of your house in Cyprus will constantly change according to the exchange rate difference. Since the changes between Turkish Lira and Sterling / Euro are generally in the direction of increase, both the value of your house will increase and the income you get from your house will increase.

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