Popular Areas of Cyprus

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When researching to evaluate new investment areas in Cyprus, it is important to consider the advantages that popular regions will bring to you. As a touristic geography, Cyprus, which has a high number of visitors in summer and winter, is in a good position economically with its local people and foreign visitors. It is the information that will be effective in the development of your investments in the real estate market as a tourist attraction and as a lifestyle in the popular regions of Cyprus.


What are the Popular Areas of Cyprus?

Although Cyprus is known for its hotels and touristic areas, it is also in a very important position in terms of the real estate market. The popular areas of Cyprus start from the Karpaz peninsula and extend to the Maraş Neighborhood and Bellapais monastery. While these regions are not suitable for buying a house, it will be advantageous to invest in locations close to these regions for daily rentals and summer rentals.

  • The areas close to Kyrenia castle and Girme center are popular areas of Cyprus.
  • Othello castle and Maraş districts are the most visited places in Cyprus.
  • The ancient city of Salamis and the Icon museum have become indispensable areas for tourists.
  • Cyprus famous beaches offer investment advantages as regions where you can buy a summer house.
  • Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol, and Kyrenia coastal areas are holiday regions that will increasingly make use of your investments.

Regions close to popular places in Nicosia and Kyrenia in Cyprus, as well as holiday resorts, will bring together options where you can always evaluate your investments. You can search for Cyprus houses for sale in popular regions to evaluate your investments.

Popular Areas of Cyprus House Prices

Investing in Cyprus always comes together with advantageous options. Cyprus, where summer, winter and investment houses are valued regularly, has been one of the regions visited by thousands of tourists annually. When evaluating your investments, you should definitely consider the location of the house and the advantages it will offer you.

Summer and winter houses are always the best options for investment. For tourists coming to Cyprus, you can evaluate the holiday regions and regions where you can find the opportunity to rent a house on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can direct your investments by evaluating the prices of houses close to the sea, close to the central location and touristic areas, according to new, second-hand and construction situations.


Where to Buy a House in Cyprus?

If your aim is to buy an investment-oriented house in Cyprus, you should definitely choose holiday areas and central locations. While you need to acquire a property worth 125,000 Euros to get citizenship, you should also consider the possibilities that you can use as real estate in the future by choosing the popular regions in Cyprus.

You can evaluate the house prices in the central location of Cyprus, Kyrenia and Nicosia, and start your purchases by looking at the prices of cottages and villas in the holiday regions. Cyprus, where you will go to invest from Turkey, has investment areas where you can make a profit in the long run. By following real estate projects, you can make investment arrangements for apartments, detached houses, villas, houses with gardens, summer and winter houses, and you can use the advantages of many points where you can profit.

Which Regions Are The Most Buying Houses From In Cyprus?

The regions where the local people of Cyprus are located, namely to buy a house in the center of Kyrenia and Nicosia, are seen as important regions for long-term investment. Apart from these, the places close to the coasts of Limassol and Paphos, where daily, weekly and monthly rental house options are evaluated for tourists who do not want to stay in hotels in holiday regions, are the most invested regions.

Larnaca and towns close to city centers and resorts are also generally considered as areas where everyone plans to invest first. In order to invest in Cyprus, it is recommended to make plans by choosing the regions that are open to tourists, easy to access and according to holiday regions. Popular regions are always in a positive position for investment.

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